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Long gone are the days where desktop PCs outperformed laptops. Most modern laptops are more than capable of keeping up with their desktop counterparts, making them portable powerhouses that can handle a variety of tasks. A prime example of this is a laptop powered by an NVIDIA RTX GPU, which can handle everything from gaming to complex design work to your daily video calls.

Gaming on an RTX laptop is now better than ever, thanks to a whole host of new technologies from NVIDIA that are designed to make every game look and run as flawlessly as possible. Features such as DLSS3 crank up FPS by up to four times on compatible games, while NVIDIA Reflex provide lowest latency for competitive gamers. Ray tracing makes games look even more cinematic and realistic so that every detail can be appreciated. Paired with regular driver updates from NVIDIA, you can be sure that your RTX laptop will be able to run the very latest games and creative application with ease. If you’re just starting with a gaming laptop, then the Acer Gaming Laptop with its RTX 3050 GPU at only Dh2,447 or Asus TUF Gaming with RTX4050 and DLSS 3 are a good starting point. For even more power and speed at your fingertips, consider an MSI laptop with RTX 4060, Lenovo Legion with RTX 3070, or Lenovo Legion with RTX3080. For the most power for your gaming and creative needs, the ROG Strix with RTX 4080 is your answer.

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If you’re more into designing rather than gaming, then an RTX laptop can also be a great tool. There are over 100 creative applications that tap into the power of the RTX GPU, helping to execute complex and time-consuming tasks in a fraction of the time that it used to take. Powered by NVIDIA’s Studio drivers and RTX GPUs, 3D applications can quickly showcase changes to complex 3D models without the need to re-render entire scenes so that you can spend more time designing and less time waiting for things to be displayed. For 3D artists collaborating on a project remotely, you may enjoy the advanced benefits of NVIDIA Omniverse and create at speeds you’ve never experienced before. Fancy yourself a budding artist but don’t quite possess the finesse to paint an elaborate landscape? Then try out NVIDIA Canvas, a free tool that takes simple brush strokes and converts them into stunning pieces of art, all in just a few clicks.

An RTX laptop is also a great tool for schoolwork or working from home. AI-accelerated STEM applications make it easier for students to finish complex assignments faster than on other laptops. And when it comes to video calls with your colleagues, NVIDIA Broadcast helps to make sure that your voice is clearly heard at all times and uses AI to intelligently remove background noises or blur your background image. The advantage of an RTX laptop is that you have a truly versatile product, capable of swiftly changing from one task to another without breaking a sweat. No matter what you end up using your laptop for, you’ll benefit from knowing that you can accomplish pretty much any project with it.

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