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In a world full of data exchange and transfer, MSI’s Modern All-in-One PC and Modern Monitor are the perfect companions for any business. While the former is a full-fledged solution for your corporate needs, the latter focuses on ensuring that business professionals can multitask effectively between devices to achieve maximum productivity.

Modern All-in-One PC

Designed keeping in mind the latest trends, the Modern All-in-One PC is a full solution for businesses. It features a 24-inch IPS panel with a 1,920x1,080 resolution with touchscreen support, making it ideal for content consumption, work, direct interaction and more. On its top edge, the machine features a lip to accommodate Windows Hello biometric functionality. This gives you a faster and safer way to log into your PC.

For additional security, Tobii Aware is built into the system packing several useful features. For example, Privacy Screen means that the contents of your screen are blurred when you look or step away and un-blurred only for you. Peeker Detection on the other hand notifies you when someone behind you is looking at your screen. And if you take a break, Auto-Lock kicks in to automatically lock the screen shortly after you leave.

In today’s day and age, it is important that we can work between devices. This too is taken care of by the MSI Modern All-in-One PC. With access to MSI Cloud Center, you can back up, download and share files between your PC, Android and iOS devices. The companion application on your smartphone uses a QR code generated by the MSI Cloud Center to easily and instantly log in. Not only can you upload files to share with others, but you can also make files private when storing sensitive information.

Powering the experience is Intel Tiger Lake processors with DDR4 memory and Windows 10 Pro with a free upgrade to Windows 11 coming soon. This power and software combination enables the device to be ready for any challenge and be future-proof.

Modern Monitor

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For business users who want to upgrade their display, the Modern Monitor is the perfect choice. Up front, it features an articulating 24-inch 75Hz panel with a 1,920x1,080 resolution and an adjustable stand. The high resolution is perfect to identify details in creative projects or for multitasking with several windows open. Differentiating the experience from other monitors on the market is the KVM Switch Design, a feature that allows you to switch between jobs effortlessly.

This is possible thanks to the monitor’s array of ports, including either HDMI or DP, Type A to Type B and Type-C. Each of these options can be used to connect your devices to the monitor alongside a set of wired or wireless set of mice and keyboards. By doing so, you can just use one set of keyboard and mice with multiple computers connected to the screen. The feature works in conjunction with MSI’s Productivity Intelligence (P.I.) software where you can configure it further. However by default, the Ctrl+Shift+Right combination is an easy way to switch between devices.

Pricing and availability

With both the Modern All-in-One PC and the Modern Monitor, MSI’s aim is to facilitate the lives of business users. Both devices work to improve workflows and can easily be implemented in any office environment.

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