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Whether you’re buying your first gaming laptop or looking to upgrade your existing one, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series laptop is the smartest investment you can make. Powered by the latest and most powerful GPUs from NVIDIA, these laptops are not just designed for gaming but can also double as impressive creative workstations, making it easy to multitask across a variety of programs.

Furthermore, RTX 40-series laptops now come with incredible AI technologies that are not found on any other laptop in the market. To make your buying decisions even easier, head to your nearest Virgin Megastore where you can always choose from the latest tech for your needs and your budget. There are also experts on hand to advise you for any of your purchases so that you can make an informed choice with your next purchase.

Nearly every gamer wants to have the smoothest gameplay with the fastest framerates, and that’s now easily possible on an RTX 40-series laptop such as the HP Victus Gaming Laptop. NVIDIA DLSS 3 combined with ray-tracing brings about realism and graphical fidelity like you’ve never seen before. DLSS is a revolutionary breakthrough in AI graphics that multiplies performance by using AI to create additional frames and improve image quality. That means you’ll never have to suffer from slow framerates or gameplay stutters because the action will always look and feel as smooth as it needs to be.

For competitive gamers, timing is everything. A few milliseconds too late could mean the loss of a match or an enemy getting an advantage over you. With RTX 40-series laptops combined with NVIDIA Reflex, you never have to worry about missing those crucial moments. NVIDIA Reflex helps to deliver the lowest latency and best responsiveness, providing faster target acquisition, quicker reaction times, and the best aim precision for competitive games. More and more games are being supported by NVIDIA Reflex, which delivers the reaction time needed when every millisecond counts. The ASUS ROG Flow Z13 Gaming Laptop is a great choice for competitive gaming, with a large QHD display and unmatched performance.

However, an RTX 40-series laptop isn’t just for gaming – it can also serve a dual purpose as a powerful creative workstation, helping to turn your ideas into stunning realities. Paired with NVIDIA Studio drivers, laptops such as the MSI Stealth 16 AI Studio can supercharge your creative process with RTX technologies and AI. There are hundreds of industry-leading applications that can all tap into the power of RTX-powered laptops to shorten workflow times, giving you the freedom and flexibility to create without waiting for long render times or complex calculations. For a creative advantage, you can use free NVIDIA tools such as Canvas, Broadcast and Omniverse to design and bring to life incredible creations with just a few simple clicks.

When you buy an RTX 40-series laptop, you get more than just a gaming laptop – you get a device that can be used for a multitude of applications without compromise. From the latest games to powerful design tools to STEM applications, an RTX 40-series laptop can run them all. They are reliable, quiet, efficient and have long battery life, yet come in slim and portable designs, making them an ideal platform for anyone looking for power, reliability, portability and prestige.

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