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HUAWEI AppGallery, the world’s third-largest marketplace for mobile apps, has enhanced its offering to provide users greater scope for exploration despite some challenges along the road. Thanks to collaborations with six million registered developers across the world, users can now explore more innovations, fun and games, passion, technology and opportunities for growth and development on the marketplace.

From apps that support the mundane but necessary functions of day-to-day living to those that push boundaries, AppGallery offers a variety of local and global apps across 18 categories that let users have fun, become productive, and aspire for more. Pre-installed on all Huawei devices — and available to download from the official website for other Android smartphones — it offers popular social media apps too to stay connected and entertained.

Explore success

AppGallery was also awarded the Best Alternative App Store of the Year at the Mobile Games Awards 2023 in London — a testament to the major strides it has made in recent years, with the number of monthly active users growing to 580 million across 170 countries. Greater focus on users’ areas of interest has enabled it to flourish in a short span of time.

Explore innovations

Constant innovation with privacy and security at the core has helped AppGallery become one of the go-to app marketplaces in the world, unlocking cutting-edge features and new experiences for users. Offering limitless exploration, the platform opens up a world of opportunities – for fun and games, personal growth, business development, learning new skills, upgrading technical knowledge and more.

Explore fun and games

On AppGallery, you can discover a wide selection of popular games and services designed to deliver an epic experience to users of all ages. Home to local and international games including the latest sensation, Infinity Kingdom, that too in Arabic, it promises endless hours of fun and excitement with regular promotions such as Friday Offers and events like Level Up. In recent times, the platform has taken its mobile gaming experience on the road offering a glimpse of what it has to offer. At this year's Middle East Film & Comic Con and the Tunisia Game Show, AppGallery's fan booth showcased product exclusives and gaming activities, along with thrilling competitions. AppGallery has also organised esports events for popular games such as PUBG Garena FreeFire, further demonstrating its commitment to providing the latest trends and best experiences in mobile gaming.

Explore passion

While the platform offers umpteen apps that help users discover and nurture their passion, AppGallery has been demonstrating its passion for success by forming partnerships with major regional players and celebrating them. Last December, it marked its fourth anniversary in the region with a dazzling light show on Burj Khalifa where it honoured top local partners such as the Ministry of Interior, Emirates, Gulf News, Talabat, Dubai Mall, ADCB, VIU and ROS.

Explore technology

AppGallery has also been building a strong technology portfolio on the marketplace thanks to a host of offline programs for developers. Through initiatives such as Huawei Developer Groups, Huawei Women Developers, and Huawei Developer Experts, it connects developers with experienced professionals around the world to help them expand their technical knowledge and skills. These programs also support them through the entire life cycle of development, testing, promotion, and monetisation. Competitions and events such as the Apps Up 2022 Global App Innovation Contest and Huawei Developers Day encourage more and more developers to join the marketplace and contribute towards creating an innovative ecosystem.

Explore opportunities for growth

Along with offering apps for personal development, especially for the youth, AppGallery has a university-based community group called Huawei Student Developers where beginners can build on their digital skills. Hands-on workshops, tech salons and hackathons arm them with the necessary technical know-how and skills required to fast-track their career and future.

Explore favourites

Popular social media apps are also accessible on AppGallery. Users can download and install them using GBox, which improves the overall user experience for Google services and other international apps. GBox is thoroughly tested and verified by AppGallery, ensuring its safety and reliability.

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