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In an era where educational needs are as diverse as the students themselves, ASUS has responded with an expanded education series that showcases its dedication to providing tailored educational solutions.

One school that has been enjoying ASUS’ diverse educational solutions is Al Salam Community School. The brand has helped the school meet its digital needs and achieve seamless integration of technology within its learning environment. “As our incredible technology partner, ASUS has helped unlock the potential and enrich the environment for teaching and learning,” says Taher Gharib, CEO of Al Salam Community School.

Complementing the education-focused, Windows-based BR series, ASUS Chromebook CR and CZ series present versatile options, catering to different learning and teaching methodologies.

Together, these series champion the ASUS commitment to reliability, user-centric design and safety – both online and offline — with easy-to-service designs that ensure IT administrators can maintain devices with minimal effort, enhancing the efficiency of education technology.

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With the comprehensive ASUS line-up for education, both teachers and students are equipped to excel in the digital age. Designed for the K12 education segment, the ASUS education series features ruggedised construction for enhanced durability, making it an ideal choice for active young learners. Key aspects include a fingerprint-resistant finish, easy rubber grip, reinforced internal components and a spill-resistant keyboard, ensuring the laptops withstand daily classroom use. Versatile designs, extended battery life and robust connectivity offer educational continuity. Enhanced hygiene with ASUS Antimicrobial Guard and data protection through TPM 2.0 ensures protection of students. The series is crafted to minimise learning disruptions, adapt to various environments and is easy to handle, making them reliable educational tools.

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