Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Cutting-edge tech solution provider Systems MEA-Techvista has embarked on end-to-end digital transformation of Sheikh Zayed Festival, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and elevated customer experiences.

Sheikh Zayed Festival, which began on November 17 last year and runs until March 9, is one of the largest events in Abu Dhabi. It celebrates the cultural heritage of the UAE, demonstrating the richness of its traditions and attracting UAE residents, tourists and visitors from around the world.

Sheikh Zayed Festival’s partnership with Dubai-headquartered Systems MEA-Techvista is an extension of its vision to deliver a spectacular experience by harnessing the power of breakthrough technologies to promote agility across various levels in the customer and employee journey.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its primary cloud platform, Systems MEA-Techvista developed an agile, high-performing digital core that delivers greater proficiency within various parts of the organisation such as asset and task management, procurement and inventory management, and ecommerce. It also includes additional features such as Retail/POS, E-commerce, and Tickets Kiosk, all adapted from the out-of-the-box features and practices within Dynamics 365. Powered by AI, this comprehensive solution also offers multilingual support based on user language preferences.

"We are dedicated towards shaping the UAE into a global nexus of technology and innovation,” says Khurram Majeed, General Manager, Middle East and Africa at Systems.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate solutions to ensure resilient, secure and optimised operations contributing to the festival's success.

- Khurram Majeed, General Manager, Middle East and Africa, Systems

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, Systems MEA-Techvista was bestowed with the prestigious 2023 Partner of the Year and 2023-24 Inner Circle award. It has furthered enterprise reinvention through its unique Express Implementation Methodology. This methodology is based on years of implementation experience with diverse industry verticals, encompassing a clear strategy for defining requirements and finalising solutions, engaging users in solution design, and configuring the training and golden environments in parallel. The automation and scalable features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 were designed to ensure the festival's success by amplifying customer support, services, and sales capabilities.

“We are truly a data-powered organisation, which uses advanced analytics to make better-informed decisions quicker than ever,” says a representative from Sheikh Zayed Festival. “Working with Systems MEA-Techvista and Microsoft on this transformation project, we are capitalising on robust technology stack to make better-informed decisions, respond to ever-changing consumer needs faster, and allocate our resources more effectively to focus on what drives growth and the success of the festival.”

Systems MEA-Techvista has a team that continuously innovates to build leading enterprise solutions, ensuring a promising future for its customers. With a proven record of garnering diverse global accolades, it is committed to responding to customer challenges through the delivery of tailored, scalable, and efficient products and services.