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Step into a world where your photography and filmmaking aspirations take the front seat. The newly revamped Canon store at Dubai Mall offers everything for all your visual capture needs under one roof.

Why settle for online browsing when you can get hands-on with Canon's latest innovations? Here, expert advisors stand ready to guide you through the intricate process of selecting the equipment that will elevate your craft. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, the right gear awaits you, paired with insights that only in-person expertise can provide.

The store's dedicated Experience Zone is a playground for the senses. You can find the perfect camera for every niche vlogging, videography, photography, and so much more.

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Lift and Learn

Engage with the Lift & Learn technology, where picking up a product brings its story to life on a dynamic display screen. It demonstrates the features and capabilities that could enhance your work.

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Post-Purchase Service

Beyond the point of purchase, Canon's dedication to excellence endures. As part of National Store, the Canon store provides exceptional aftersales service, ensuring that your Canon products, equipped with the latest features, stay in optimal condition for every adventure and assignment.

Canon Academy

For those eager to learn, the Canon Academy within the store's walls is a treasure trove of knowledge. Complimentary basic photography workshops await every customer, turning every purchase into an opportunity to hone the art of photography.

Pro Video

Explore Canon's Pro Video Section for professional filmmaking needs, featuring high-frame-rate magic like Tim Bird's flight. Its colour science ensures vibrant hues and subtle gradations, staying true to the director's vision. Experience camera agility with tracking focus, AI Focus, and Eye Focus for sharp storytelling in any environment.

Lenses Experience Zone

Canon RF lenses open a world of creative possibilities for photographers and filmmakers. Excelling at capturing distant subjects with stunning clarity and precision, these lenses ensure you never miss a moment. For those venturing into close-up photography, Canon RF lenses offer exceptional macro capabilities, revealing intricate details often overlooked. Additionally, explore these lenses with its on-display sculpture, designed to test their prowess in distance, close, and macro shots. The lenses' innovative technology and design empower you to push the boundaries of your creativity and discover new shooting styles.


Customers at the store can also explore the company's dedicated printers section, offering home printers for cherished memories, office printers for efficient workflows, and professional printers for unparalleled print quality.

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Experience all this with Canon at Dubai Mall. It is more than a store – it is where technology meets passion, and where your creativity is not just captured through a lens; it is enhanced. Embark on this visual voyage with Canon and redefine the landscape of photography and filmmaking.