Technology on the Abu Dhabi City Golf club range
Technology on the Abu Dhabi City Golf club range Image Credit: Supplied

Over the last few years golf has changed from a traditional game to become more youthful and trendy by attracting a new audience and the younger generation.

We have seen new developments such as GPS technology for range-finders on golf carts, Topgolf in Dubai, Trackman technology, tournament and live scoring package Golf Genius - and now Abu Dhabi City Golf Club has partnered with InRange.

Rhian Lobo, Golf & Sports General Manager at Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, said: “Abu Dhabi City Golf Club’s Golf Academy has always been at the forefront of introducing new golfers and youngsters to the game of golf in the UAE. We have a number of PGA Qualified Golf Professionals at the club who are driving the business to attract golfers through individual and group lessons and well as lesson programmes and convert them to golf course players and members, when that is the goal. This InRange technology has taken our facilities and interest in the game in Abu Dhabi to the next level. We are very excited with the immediate impact it has had on our business.”

InRange technology involves an immersive ball-tracking system available in every hitting bay. The range is a two-tiered, double-sided range with 48 bays along with touch screens, in-bay TV screens, floodlights, music playing in surround sound plus the integrated F&B offerings.

Dave Taylor, Head Professional went on to say: “The ball-tracking system powered by InRange offers two initiatives. Firstly, the discerning golfer looking to improve their game with a ‘Driving Range Range Handicap’. The driving range offers a monthly ‘Most Improved Golfer’ proze for the person who reduces their handicap the most in the month. This is to be found in the Session Analysis and Leaderboard section.

“Secondly, the non-golfer and beginner looking to have fun, try something different in a relaxed setting with their family, friends or work colleagues.”

The new concept includes Golf Entertainment bays, which are larger with tables and seats for players to enjoy tailored F&B while they enjoy hitting balls and playing the Multiplayer games on each bay.

The games include a variety of challenges including longest drive and bullseye challenges. In total there are five games to play, with up to six players allowed on each bay at any one time.

The system does not forget the golfer who just wants to practice by himself or herself which is to be found in the Single Player Practice section.

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club seems to have hit on a winner by embracing technology in golf and having fun, with its prime central city location and is open from 6am to 11pm.