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India's Virat Kohli, known for his footwork be it playing cricket of football, has been dancing to Chiranjeevi songs. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Virat Kohli is known to dance down the wicket and send the spinners out of the park and the secret for that footwork is due to the dance moves the former Indian skipper did to Telugu star Chiranjeevi’s songs.

Former India Under-19 player Dwaraka Ravi Teja recently met Kohli at Birmingham and took to social media to share a few photos of himself with Kohli and they would frequently dance to the songs when they were roommates during his Under-15 days. Their bonding is so much that both would refer each other as Chiru, a reference to the Telugu mega star turned politician.

Throwback picture

Dwaraka Ravi Teja penned: “Met him after six long years after IPL in UK and the first thing he tells me is Chiru kaisa hai tu? Throwback to U-15 days when we were roommates and I used to watch Chiranjeevi’s songs on TV and he used to dance to them”.

Ravi Teja explained: “From then on we never called each other by our names and Chiru was the nickname we gave each other and whenever we met post that we always called each other Chiru”.

“Such fond memories and even after so many years everything still felt the same and nothing has changed. It was great seeing you Chiru and hope to meet you again super soon.”

This post by Ravi Teja quickly went viral. Social media users, particularly Chiranjeevi’s admirers, are ecstatic to learn about this charming little fact about Virat Kohli’s friendship with Ravi Teja.

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Virat Kohli has shown a new side to his skills, apart from being one of the best batters in the world. Image Credit: AFP