Anish Karingattil, an expatriate from the South Indian state of Kerala, has specialised in macro photography for over 17 years while working as an interior designer in the UAE.

Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Wasp: Within the vibrant city of Dubai, black and yellow mud dauber wasps bring a touch of nature's diversity. Navigating urban spaces with their striking colours, these distinctive insects showcase the resilience and adaptability of wildlife amidst the city's energetic atmosphere. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Thistle Mantis & Empusa Hedenborgii Mantis: Following the last rainy season in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), the Thistle Mantis and Empusa hedenborgii mantis coexisted, adding a unique touch to the post-rain landscape. Each mantis, with its distinct appearance, shared the environment, revealing the diverse insect life emerging during the rejuvenating rains in RAK. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Small Salmon Arab Butterfly: Against yellow backgrounds, Small Salmon Arab butterflies delicately flutter, their wings adorned with intricate patterns. This charming scene unfolds, adding a burst of nature's beauty to the vibrant surroundings. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Antlion: Resembling lacewings, adult antlions with delicate wings create sand pits in their larval stage. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Crimson Speckled Footman Moth: During the enchanting morning golden hours of Ajman, the Crimson Speckled Footman Moth, adorned with striking crimson markings, engages in a delicate dance. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Empusa Hedenborgii Mantis: In the dry expanse of Ras al Khaimah, two Empusa hedenborgii mantises stand poised on withered plants, their slender bodies blending with the arid surroundings. This snapshot captures the silent beauty of these mantises in the rugged landscape of RAK. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Iycaenid Butterflies: In the calm of Ajman, Iycaenid butterflies dance on gentle breezes, their vibrant hues and intricate patterns bringing a fleeting yet enchanting display of nature's grace to the serene surroundings. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Thistle Mantis with Butterfly Prey: In Ajman's calm setting, a Thistle Mantis delicately holds a captured butterfly, epitomising the primal balance of nature in a fleeting moment. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Lime Butterfly in Sharjah: Amidst the lush greenery of Sharjah's grassy expanses, Lime Butterflies add a touch of enchantment with their vibrant wings, creating a captivating scene of nature's beauty within the city's green spaces. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Phaneroptera_Falcata: Amidst the greenery of Ras al Khaimah, the Phaneroptera falcata bush-cricket thrives, adding its unique presence to the rich tapestry of insect life in the region. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Podalonia Tydei in Sharjah: In Sharjah's dynamic setting, two Podalonia tydei wasps add a touch of nature's elegance, their unique presence weaving into the urban landscape.
Thistle Mantis with Prey: In the rustic surroundings RAK, a Thistle Mantis is captured in a moment of predatory prowess, holding its prey in a poised stance. This snapshot of nature's cycle showcases the mantis's stealth and precision against the backdrop of RAK's natural beauty. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Ammophila Heydeni Wasp: In the arid expanse of Dubai, a cluster of Ammophila heydeni wasps takes refuge on a withered plant. Their intricate markings stand out against the dry backdrop, showcasing nature's resilience in the midst of the desert. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil
Thistle Mantis with Iycaenid Butterfly: In the picturesque setting of RAK, a Thistle Mantis strikes a pose, surrounded by Iycaenid butterflies, creating a unique moment of harmony between predator and fluttering beauty. This captivating scene showcases the coexistence of diverse insect life in the serene landscapes of RAK. Image Credit: Anish Karingattil