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January 4, 1993: Moi sworn in fourth term as Kenyan President

Today in History: January 4, 1993: Moi sworn in fourth term as Kenyan President

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Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi. - Gulf News Archives
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Moi sworn in fourth term as Kenyan President

1993 - Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi began a fresh five-year term after defeating a fragmented opposition in multi-party elections that changed the political face of his country. Moi, 68, was sworn in for a fourth term at a solemn ceremony at State House, his official residence in Nairobi, barely minutes after the electoral commission declared he had won the first pluralist poll in 26 years. The National Electoral Commission revised the vote for Moi in elections to 1,964,534 against 1,402,069 for his closest rival, Kenneth Matiba of FORD-Asili. Wearing a dark suit and holding a Bible in one hand, Moi took the oath of allegiance, watched by a small group of supporters and foreign diplomats many of whom have been strongly critical of his 14-year rule.

January 4

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