#WorldCup VAR should never set foot in football again. It affects the rhythm of the game. I dislike diving, but maybe let’s stick to retrospective action for now.


Wonder if all the ‘good’ teams are being knocked out because there’s VAR this time and they’re all a bunch of diving cheats...


The world cup with most penalties in history. VAR effect. Russia 2018 is exhilarating.





Muhammad El-Sane:

Same penalty that was given to Iran against Portugal. Same penalty was not given to Nigeria against Argentina. Some classification about VAR technology!

1. It is video ASSISTANT referee. So the final decision is always on the main referee in the pitch.

2. VAR can inform the main referee through the ear piece about any issue in the referee’s judgement. If the main referee is interested only then he goes and reviews it.

3. Main referee can ignore VAR call and continue play....