"No politician has the right to drag his or her mother or father into the political arena," says Gulf News reader. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

The campaigns for the elections in India look like they are moving towards an unethical and ill-mannered path.

During the recent campaigns, the jibes thrown day in and day out, by party to party, are merely not jibes, but unrefined dialogues that penetrates into an individual’s personal life and shakes the feelings, be it a Prime Minister (PM) or a Poor Man (PM). By going with this analogy, the latter has become former PM, Narendra Modi.

No politician has the right to drag his or her mother or father into the political arena. During the recent election campaigns Congress leader Raj Babbar attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi by comparing current rupee value with his mother’s age. In another corner, another Congress leader Vilas Muttemwar attacked Modi by questioning his father’s popularity.

Yes, it us the lowest level of discourse displayed in the recent assembly election campaigns. Going with the trend, it would not be a surprise if they cross the line further. Sharp verbal sparring has long been a feature of Indian politics. The personal attacks on Modi appears to be a continuing habit.

Using Modi’s parents as a target is unfortunate and I strongly condemn this. This depicts the mindset of politicians and shows how low they can stoop to, just to gain votes. Virtually, such discourses are not enjoyable. At times it feels as though the concept of freedom of expression is being misused. The disgusting attacks on Modi’s mother and his late father reveals the mindset of the Congress party. Nitpicking every action by Modi and attacking him personally will not lead to the good of the nation.

Can’t Congress see anything beyond inheritance and dynasty? Are all these emotional impulses or deliberate attempts at bringing Modi down?

Political parties, political leaders - let them be antagonists, but do not roar in the public diaspora. The voters would soon realise that these are gimmicks adopted by politicians to divert their attention from problems that affect people, like corruption, false promises and inflation. Nobody is interested to know the popularity of someone’s parents. What the people want are more jobs, development, educational facilities, peace and harmony.

Today what we are witnessing is abusive politics which is not constructive for the welfare of the poor people and the nation, rather, it would destroy the core base of Indian society wherein people have tolerance and faith in democracy. The leaders, whether it is Congress, BJP or any other party, should maintain some kind of decorum in public places, they should desist from this ugly method of gaining votes.

- The reader is a resident of Abu Dhabi.