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What you need to know:

  • There are many ways to raise children, a balance is key.

Love is required to discipline a child. Talk to a child and make them aware of how important it is to be deciplined in life. Put it in their nature to be organised always. Explain the need to them by giving examples from real life, with the help of stories. Always encourage them to do good work and behave well. This will motivate them to do it further.

With my personal experience, through articles, newspapers and interacting with my 10-year-old daughter, I can share my experience about disciplining a child.

It’s very important to nurture a child in a healthy positive way by guiding them towards a disciplined in life.

Be patient with your child and listening to them completely, actively and attentively before advising them. It’s important to share our feelings as parents with our children acknowledging their sentiments. Always tell them the truth. Give them healthy, safe and secure surroundings to learn and grow in. Children learn by watching others and do this from an early age.

While disciplining them it is also important to fulfil promises with them, so that they learn to keep their word and commitments. If required, schedule family time, limiting the use of electronic gadgets and spend more time playing indoor and outdoor games. It is important to always be present for your children.

In some cultures, hitting children is practised, but I think this should be done away with. Issues should be solved with a calm mind. Teaching children that if they are overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, or upset, it’s okay for them to remove themselves and be alone for a while. A great way to do this is through modelling.

Children will be children and bad behaviour is inevitable. As every person is unique, so should be the way to approach parenting and discipline in different ways, according to a child. Last but not the least, teach them to be motivated by their values and desire to do well for themselves and others.

- The reader is a writer and former banker based in Abu Dhabi.