“Don’t you think that the notion of aliens coming here and living, inconspicuous, amongst us is quite preposterous?” I asked this rhetorical question to a friend, just to keep our dying conversation going, but little did I know that this question would keep me on my toes, until I answered it.

“What could their motive possibly be?”

My brain seemed unwilling to delve into the depths of this seemingly irresolute question. My thoughts soon drifted back to Earth, to the human race, and thought of the millions of creatures on the planet. One thing was sure; we really deserve the place we hold in the universe, today. But, hold up! If at all aliens make it to Earth, which is a hypothetical situation, one thing would be clear: they most definitely have better technology and resources than human beings. Whether mankind’s attempts have been successful or unsuccessful, technology proved to be a major driving catalytic force in any discovery made. Even imagining aliens could reach Earth in search of any extra-terrestrial life, for them, comes with the fact that they muct possess unfathomable technology that we don’t have. If they do make it to Earth, we can conclude that the next step would be dominance, since they have superior resources. They would make human beings their subject to avoid the risk of competition. Our mere existence would be threatening to them. Of course, these are all theories and hypothetical situations, which is why there is a lot of controversy around the subject. Arguably, aliens might not be interested in us as much as we are in them, and maybe the thought of controlling an entirely new planet may have never occurred to them. Maybe they lack the sense of competition? Human beings have the firm belief that they still function, devoid of any external dominance. In other words, aliens have definitely not taken over us. Or, so we believe!

- The reader is a student of a Dubai school