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COVID-19 and ‘work from home’ culture

COVID-19 has compelled many to work from their homes (“Six tips to set up creative home office spaces”, Gulf News, April 30). The trend to work from home will continue till end 2021, but perhaps even beyond. Many companies will review whether they need so many employees to come to work in offices daily. There will be a serious assessment of which jobs can also be done from homes. This will also impact the sizes of the offices that companies will build or rent in the future. It can also impact on salaries as well. Employees who work from homes need not be stationed in large metro towns where rentals are high. If employees are to work from home, they could be based in smaller towns where rentals and costs of living are lower.

As a result of the pandemic, employees will want to have larger homes in the future, with an extra room for an office. COVID-19 has made home-offices a hard reality, and those who can afford it will want to have a permanent study room or office at home in the future. It is also a fact that any business or productive activity requires human interaction and exchange of ideas. There are definite limitations to the Zoom calls or Google teams and the work from home philosophy. Creative professions, like advertising, film making cannot be managed from homes since it requires much outdoor interaction. So hopefully, post the pandemic by end 2021, we can return to working in offices, surrounded by our colleagues and exchange thoughts and ideas across tables.

From Mr R Aneja

Mumbai, India

India: Congress is not new to turmoil, dissent and splits

The pious duty of any government or any political party is to look after the welfare of the public they are governing or hoping to govern (“India: Sonia Gandhi to continue leading Congress after dissent letter”, Gulf News, August 24). Suppose the people in the government or any political organisation care more about their welfare, future, and interests, then, in that case, it is bound to become a focal point of public criticism and ill-will. The recent infighting in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) in India is indicative of the fact that all is not well within the party circles. One section of the party-workers wants immediate change in the leadership while as the other, more precisely the loyalists, do not favour any change and don't foresee any problem with the dynastical rule. The recent challenge thrown by various party workers in the CWC meeting to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty was representative of, perhaps, a long-time echoing, and resentment within the party. And it is getting progressively louder as the family turned a deaf ear to the repeated pleas for an organisational face-lift and revamp. The path ahead for Congress does not look to be as smooth as it used to be.

From Mr S K Raina


E-Cigarettes: Flavoured products fuel a youth epidemic

I feel so heartbroken as I watch kids smoking on out on the streets (“Noel Gallagher has saved £28,000 worth of cigarettes for his kids", Gulf News, Dec 28). It is painful to see kids getting addicted to nicotine at such a young age. They are hiding from their parents and siblings to get high on their pack of pleasure. As a mother of two boys, I always have fear as they grow, but I talk about it and tells them it’s bad anyway. E-cigarettes are making it look even more sleek and stylish; it is yet another honey trap targeting the kids and youth. Some say vaping is best to stop smoking, but some studies show it encourages even to start actual smoking. Even nicotine-free e-cigars have been found to have nicotine. Proper education is the key. Kids smoke for various reasons like to look cool, act older or independent etc. All these are just their notions. Be a role model and show how our health deteriorates after its use. Let there be more and more awareness in schools by conducting exhibitions, seminars or an anti-nicotine campaign. Let our kids leave a legacy of good, not a bad footprint on our lovely planet. Let's join our hands and embark on this journey together.

From Ms Aysha Jariya


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