Discrimination at work
In response to the news about Asian teachers being paid less compared to their Western counterparts, I am a licensed professional being paid less compared to my German counterparts ("Asian teachers say they are overworked and underpaid", Gulf News, February 13).

The reason being that I am locally recruited while the German head office has seconded them here.

So while the company can spend on their new cars, villas, pay top airline fares every time they travel, they still whine.

While my other locally recruited comrades and I get neither housing nor transport allowances!
From Ms Bernadette Bularan

No need
I don't think sex education in school can help clear misconceptions and pave the way to a happy married life ("Call for sex education, Gulf News, February 10).

The early stage of sex education only helps to provoke in children the desire to experience it personally and pave the way to moral degradation.

Tell me, were there any sex studies in ancient days when our parents and grandparents studied?

Then people led a successful married life rather than this modern era.

What's happening now, after getting some sort of education, divorce rates are soaring especially in developed countries!
From Ms Shemeem K.

Day care in offices
If the employer provides a day care centre, the female employees will be very grateful to the employers.

They will have a high level of peace of mind that their child is in a safe place and this will make them work more efficiently. So, it indirectly benefits the organisation, too.
From Mr Sreeja Gavin Suresh

Caring employers
There is so much happening in day care centres. Companies, when they employ an individual, make it very clear about the rules and regulations to be followed during the employment period.

We accept and agree to them, when we begin our employment. The employer is not responsible for the upbringing of the employees' children. But, there are companies which are unique.

Such companies understand the needs and necessities of their employees and keep them happy and energetic, by providing them excellent packages.

This is not possible with all companies.
From Ms Aliya Esmail

Wrong message
I was dismayed to see the picture accompanying your article discussing paternity leave ('Speak Your Mind', Gulf News, February 16). You showed a baby feeding from a bottle.

This reinforces the erroneous belief that formula feeding is normal and an acceptable method of feeding a newborn.

Breastfeeding confers infinitely better health outcomes for infants and women.
From Ms Jane Abdul Ali
Abu Dhabi

Drive away
The US should leave. With so many Iraqis dead, democracy has been imported to Iraq, the country is much safer now, and the "mission accomplished"! Now, get into your car and drive away!
From Mr C.M. Saagar

Breaking barriers
If the language taught includes, and it should, the culture of the people, this will help create more tolerant young people in the world today ("British pupils may soon learn Arabic and Mandarin" Gulf News, February 6).

Racism and slavery are delicate issues, which should be brought to the attention of the youth and once again if taught correctly in schools will portray the evils of these terrible atrocities.

These are not just bright ideas if there is a curriculum created, which will positively change attitudes of the youth in the world, of which they will be the future leaders.
From Dr Clarence Emslie

Concentrate on teaching
A shake-up of the timetable will not change attitudes and will be a waste of precious learning time.

School time is meant to prepare students to make informed decisions about their careers and learn the fundamentals of subjects.

Opinions on social issues such as racial discrimination must be left for later.

Attitudes are a product of upbringing more than education and upbringing depends on the social environment, which, in turn, is created by social activists, religious leaders and the media.

In India, for example, the evil of caste seems to become stronger, in spite of better education.

Let schools concentrate on the business of teaching so that children learn to think rationally first.
From Ms G. Dube

Show pictures
I urge newspapers to make it mandatory that crime stories show the pictures of the suspects or alleged criminals.

Would-be victims will never know what hit them. The world is so keen on racial profiling, why not give a face to criminals?

They are more than ready to lose their faces than having our society lose more lives and properties, be it from petty robbery to high-end fake property investments.

Focus on awakening, as awareness is key to crime prevention.
From Ms Zarrena Vasquez

Smokers in water taxis
Please do something to stop the smoking in the water taxis. Sometimes it is very hard and difficult to travel in the water taxi because of smoking by other passengers.
From Mr T.U.V.
Full name withheld by request