The vindictiveness of Israel knows no bounds as word comes across that 51 Palestinian prisoners — who had been released from Israeli custody in 2011, as part of a prisoner-swap deal — have now been rearrested. This illegal and immoral arrest comes as Israeli soldiers and forces of occupation turned Palestinian homes and communities inside out on the sixth day of a search for three missing Israeli colonists. What must be noted is that no Palestinian group has claimed responsibility for the trio’s disappearance and, as far as anyone knows or can argue differently, their disappearance may just be teen exuberance or misadventure.

Israel’s heavy-handed actions in searching for the missing, instead, are targeted at supporters of Hamas, which recently agreed to a unified Palestinian front and government against the right-wing regime of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The tactics used by the Israeli forces of occupation are meant to intimidate, subjugate and terrorise ordinary Palestinians. And the actions of Israelis in targeting those released in the 2011 deal show that this campaign is premeditated and focused on inflicting revenge on the Palestinian community. At the same time, along with this ongoing campaign of terror comes word that Israel has approved 172 new colony homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv’s agenda is suppression of opponents, oppression of Palestinians, illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the bigoted and racial isolation of non-Jews.