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Emirati job-seekers at the Careers UAE 2018 fair at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

In its continual drive towards Emiratisation, a paramount priority of the UAE government, one more milestone has been reached with the announcement of the launch of the Emirates Youth Professional School (EYPS). The strategy, launched to mark International Youth Day celebrated annually on August 12, aims to bridge the gap between the educational experience of UAE’s youth and the skills required for jobs through the vital means of professional courses and executive education programmes across various sectors. When viewed in the context of the highly dynamic and constantly evolving UAE labour market, the significance of EYPS cannot be overemphasised.

As a conduit, EYPS is designed to be a transformational entity. With each passing year, the needs of the UAE job market are undergoing rapid changes as technology redefines many careers anew and this is where EYPS will act as the predictor. It will be not just a driving force to connect the youth with their aspirations but also a predictive agent to monitor labour market trends and help Emirati youth meet the evolving challenges head-on. The target age group of youth who will be trained at the school, the 15-35 age bracket, has the widest reach and thus it guarantees maximum impact and outcome.

Teaching faculty

The professional courses offered by EYPS cut across a wide swathe of existing and emerging job disciplines, and the highlight of the school’s approach is its decision to crowdsource its teaching faculty from the large, global pool of academic and professional institutions, experts and professionals.

By inviting instructors, specialists and experts to a carousel concept of knowledge seeding, and eschewing the need for a permanent teaching staff, the school is putting into motion an offbeat kind of dynamism that will yield rich dividends.

This fresh approach will further underscore UAE’s commitment to a sustainable and diversified knowledge-based economy, bolstered by the vision and contribution of Emirati youth, who are its future leaders and influencers.

Another important issue in expanding the repertoire of Emirati youth’s skills — the role of vocational training — also gets the desired emphasis at EYPS, boosting the scope of academic training to find its target.

The need to streamline the ratio of the skills-to-job demands has been a core requirement of Emiratisation and the lesser the mismatch in this regard, the greater will be the momentum generated. And the EYPS is perfectly envisioned to generate the required momentum.