190730 houthi militants
Image Credit: Reuters

It is clear by now that Al Houthis have nothing but the utmost disregard and deepest contempt for the safety and security of the children of Yemen as witnessed by the killing of a 19-month-old baby boy and the serious injuries inflicted on two others during the terrorist shelling of the city of Taiz in southwest Yemen.

The terrorist shells fell on the district of Al Ruda, an area of homes, resulting in injuries and casualties. Elsewhere in Taiz, shells injured five more children, all members of the one family.

Al Houthi terrorists have been trying to take Taiz for the past four years. During that time they have engaged in indiscriminate sporadic shelling of the city and its residential neighbourhoods. And during this siege that borders on crossing that grey dotted line of morality into classification as a war crime for targeting unarmed and at-risk civilians, Al Houthi snipers have looked down their scopes and pulled their triggers on women and children while their bombardiers have rained artillery shells on purely residential areas.

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The Human Rights Office in the city records that 2,720 have been killed since March 2015 when the Iranian-backed terrorists began targeting Taiz. And of those, most victims are women and children.

That is not the end of Al Houthi crimes. The recent massacre in northern Yemen’s Saada province where more than 10 civilians were killed and 20 injured, including a number of children, when Al Houthis targeted the popular Al Thabit market with Katyusha rockets is unconscionable.

When Al Houthi warlords report on the success of their campaign, will they note that so many innocent Yemeni women and children were killed by the Iranian shells and bullets?

When Al Houthi terrorists lay their sophisticated sea mines, those technologically advanced Iranian-made weapons deprive our Arab brothers and sisters of the humanitarian help they need to survive in the chaos that has ripped the country apart.

There are well-meaning critics who see but one side of the conflict in Yemen, blinded by ignorance, maimed by an apathy to seek truth and view the situation with full clarity. Al Houthi rebels can only continue their campaign of terrorism on the strength of arms and an arsenal supplied by Iran. And when Tehran says it has but peace in its heart, the shells and bullets that kill the children of Taiz tell a far different truth.