20221128 eternal
The new Eternal Gold campaign includes the youngest inaugural poet in US history, Amanda Gorman. Image Credit: Prada

Eternal Gold, the new collection by Prada, is the world’s first sustainable fine jewelry collection made of 100 percent recyclable gold and traceable precious gems

Bringing time-honoured artisanal craftsmanship techniques and precious gems into the sustainability-driven 21st century, Prada has just announced the debut of Eternal Gold, the world’s first sustainable fine jewellery collection that is made of 100 percent certified recycled gold.

In order to truly commit to the cause, Prada has ensured together with the global standards authority, the Responsible Jewelry Council, that all of the gold used in the collection is verifiable and traceable, which is something the Maison claims no other luxury house in the world offers.

20221128 jewelry
The collection is the world’s first truly sustainable and traceable fine jewelry collection. Image Credit: Prada

Going the extra mile for sustainability, Prada is also influencing the reduction of mining, as well as the introduction for the first time ever of traceability of diamonds no matter the carat size. In this way, every step from mining to the cutting and polishing of a diamond is traced. What’s more Prada is actually making all these records publicly available on the Aura Consortium Blockchain’s platform so that any Prada fine jewelry customer can verify authenticity for themselves.

20221128 focal point
Eternal Gold’s focal point is the iconic Prada triangle, and the collection includes snake bracelets, heart motifs, chain necklaces, and ribbon chokers. Image Credit: Prada

The iconic Prada triangle forms the core of the new jewelry collection, with gold as the focus for the snake bracelets, heart motifs, chain necklaces, and ribbon chokers, with the triangle appearing either as a clasp closure, earrings or pendants, all exaggerated in size.

20221128 triangle
Triangle clasp closures, earrings and pendants are all exaggerated in size. Image Credit: Prada

To mark the debut of Eternal Gold, Prada’s new campaign features a cast of three creative personalities, including American award-winning poet and activist Amanda Gorman who is the youngest inaugural poet in US history; American actress and musician Maya Hawke; and Canadian-Dutch-Korean musician Somi Jeon.