Students tell Safiya Salim what this generation will bestow on the next.

A recent BBC report on America's Baby Boomers has led to this interesting and rather thought-provoking topic. The baby boomers are referred to those born between 1946 and 1964, a period of increased peace and prosperity that followed World War II. According to the BBC report, the Baby Boomers can be blamed for many modern-day ills. Global warming, materialism, luxury and pollution can all be laid at their doorstep.

His interesting assessment prompted Notes to go on campus to check out what today's youth has in store for the next.

Our legacy

Gen X'ers were brought up on television and personal computers; today we have iPods and camera phones, the World Wide Web, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, rave and popular culture, junk food, childhood obesity and eating disorders... .

With everyday reports of blasts and killings, warfare and terrorism, we can't run away from the probable fact that this generation is going to leave some kind of a fear psychosis in the hearts and minds of the next. That is, by the way, a personal view; now let's hear it from other students.

Generation after generation

- Silent Generation: 1925-1945

- Baby Boomers: 1946-1964

- Generation X: 1961-1981

- Generation Y: 1977-2003
Also known as Google Generation, MySpace or MyPod Generation

- New Silent Generation: 2001 -
Also referred to as Generation 9/11.

- The writer is a student of the American College of Dubai.


"Big dreams and bigger disappointments, this is what our generation suffers from, so I think we should hopefully pass on ‘the be-more-practical and realistic philosophy'. Also, the next generation will be able to communicate better and be more expressive."
- Ruchika Sangal, business management, American College of Dubai (ACD)

"According to scientific and medical research, there is going to be an increase in heart diseases and more disorders than we already have today."
- Tania Lobo, business administration, ACD

"I think we would want the next generation to be more responsible and mature but also more liberal and independent. I believe the children of tomorrow will be all-rounders, something lacking in our generation."
- Prabhjot Bhalla, BBA ACD

"Latest innovations in technology and high-tech gadgets are already making our lives so dependent; the next generation is completely going to rely on technology, which is not good. As a result, they will be more lethargic and less eco-friendly."
- Mariam Esmail, Grade 11, The Oxford School

"Considering science's major role in today's society and also taking note of how quickly technology is advancing, the next generation will have access to much more knowledge and information from around the world at the push of a button."
- Ansar Allibhoy, accounting/finance, University of British Columbia, Canada

"The next generation will possess freedom of speech on the one hand, and hatred and violence on the other."
- Nidhi Mehra, BBA, MAHE-Manipal

"I feel that the role of education will be very vital and the learning standards will be much higher than we have today, for example, laptops would probably replace textbooks. That way, people will be more skilled, which would solve many of the problems facing the economies of developing countries."
- Farah Hussain, Grade 11, The Oxford School

"The next generation will have its own individuality."
- Peachyco Morada, IT ACD

"I guess we would give them better lifestyle and higher standards of living."
- Lalith S. Lakhani, business management, ACD

"Our present generation that unfortunately revolves around superficiality and materialism will bestow this legacy on the impressionable minds of the next generation."
- Velanni Martins, life sciences, University of Toronto, Canada

"The youth of the subsequent generation are going to be more self-centred and career-oriented."
- Karan Bhatia, IT ACD

"We will probably pass on our carefree attitude to the next generation."
- Somya Grover, BBA, Middlesex University, Dubai