Summer is no longer boring for some school and university students who have found a useful, yet fun way to spend their time at Modhesh Fun City. Apart from the treats for children, Modhesh Fun City also offers opportunities for students of different ages, educational backgrounds and nationalities to get an unforgettable work experience.

There are many reasons why students have volunteered to work at Modhesh Fun City. "I chose to volunteer here because I did not want a routine job, where everything is the same everyday," said Mariam Saleh, 18, of Zayed University. "Here, everyday is a new experience for me and it is extremely fun," she added.

Hussain Moosa Hussian, 18, Al Safa School, organises audiences at Modhesh Fun Theatre and informs them about the show timings. He says: "I volunteered at Modhesh Fun City last year and I learned a lot. Hence, I decided to volunteer again and gain more work experience."

All volunteers agree there is no limit to the fun that can be had at Modhesh Fun City. Yet, each one of them has drawn different benefits.

Fatema Hasan, 19, Higher Colleges of Technology, says "Since I started working here, I learned various skills, which I think will be helpful in my career as a human resources person because I am learning to deal with different kinds of people. I improved my English-speaking skills as well."

Safeya Al Hawai, 20, Higher Colleges of Technology, is putting her hobby into work. "I am very excited about volunteering here. I am applying my drawing skills, teaching children about drawing and learning from them as well," she said.

There have been other bonuses for Shariq, 14, Indian High School, and Juma Abrahim, 17, Al Rashidiya School. "I think the best part is making friends," says Shariq. "We get to meet other volunteers and many visitors of our age. It's cool."

Modhesh Fun City is opening doors for students to get a real work experience; that will fuel them with the required skills for their futures, not to mention the fun they are having while doing that.