UAE students express their views on the culture of 'lookism'

"I dress according to what is in fashion. Of course I look at what suits me, but I follow the fashion."
- Mu'ayed Mutwali, grade 12, National Charity School

"I think a guy should look good, but not as much as a woman or even [to the extent of] going in for plastic surgery."
- Dina Tawfeeq, architecture, American University of Sharjah

"I think it is all about being fashionable. I mean for me hair and shaving are important."
- Mohammad Rahimian, business, American University
in Dubai

"Well don't go to extremes and try to change who you are. I mean people have to like you for who you are."
- Emad Eqbal, mechanical engineering, AUS

"Guys should look natural. Yet the way they talk, walk and dress would make a difference, but nothing crazy."
- Sanaa Nabil, grade 9, National Charity School

"Hairstyle is important and having a dress sense is too."
- Sina Poorkasmaei, computer engineering, American University in Dubai

"Just be yourself."
- Nadeem Eqbal, civil engineering, American University of Sharjah

"Some would go to extremes to look good, but it is not about looks but personality."
-Fahd Al Sadoun, chemical engineering, American University of Sharjah

"Looks are not really as important as the personality of a guy. As long as he dresses sensibly."
- Nagham Nabil, grade 10, National Charity School

"I would go to the gym and work out to look good. I think that's the safest way instead of using steroids."
- Alan Mohammad, grade 12, National Charity School

"I dress well, try to stay fit and play sports."
- Majid Mutwali, civil engineering, American University of Sharjah

"Body image is important of course but in the end, what really matters is being me."
- Elio Ayoub, business advertising, AUD

"Guys are struggling for balance between appearing masculine and grooming themselves."
- Dina Kayali, pharmacy, University of Sydney, Australia

"There is nothing wrong with men taking care of their image, it's natural.'
- Meryem Oubrahim, business, American University in Dubai

"I think it's a normal thing for guys to be interested in fashion."
- Nadia Hamidi, visual communications, AUD

"Manicures are out of the question ... it's just not manly."
- Ahmad Mohammad, International School of Choueifat Sharjah

"I don't find it too important to make any physical changes."
- Iarsad Ahmad, interior design, American University in Dubai

"Body image is important to me ... I am into clothes and men's fashion."
- Fathy Abdrabo, engineering, American University in Dubai

"Despite the importance of body image for guys, there's more pressure and not much support."
- Liyana Kayali, social sciences, University of Sydney, Australia

"Body image is important to guys. They'd go to any extent .... Brains are more important."
- Ishrath Sultana, business administration, M.G. University