The virginity soap at Dragon Mart. Image Credit: XPRESS/Shveta Pathak

Dubai: Now you can get curves like Jennifer Lopez for less than Dh60, or so certain products sold at Dragon Mart would have you believe.

From a Dh25 virginity soap that promises to tighten muscles, to a Dh60 gel that claims to push your ‘hip up’, dozens of dubious products are selling like hotcakes at various outlets in Dragon Mart.

“Our virginity soap has honey extracts and is very effective,” said a salesperson suggesting it be used at least twice a day to get its benefits in about two weeks.

Firmer buttocks, he claimed, could take a bit longer, as one needs to apply the gel for about a month. None of these products conforms to health stipulations.

But retailers swear by them. Ask them if the products have any side effects and the standard response is: “No. It’s all herbal.”

The ‘no side-effect’ claim is repeated for almost every ‘miracle’ product you enquire about, whether it be the ‘super slim bomb’ tea or ‘slim bomb’ capsules, or stuff you can eat or drink to target specific body parts like your belly, buttocks or thighs.

“You can lose even 13-14kg a month with this tea,” boasted a petite salesgirl, claiming she had herself used the tea.


However, the Ministry of Health has urged residents to excercise caution while using herbal products as some of them might contain harmful chemicals.

Several weight loss products were taken off the shelves in recent times after it was found they contained adulterated substances.

Dr Anil Awatramani, general practitioner at Unicare Medical Centre said: “One should be aware of the efficacy or side effects of any product that one is using.

“As a doctor, I would not personally recommend products without knowledge or evidence about their efficacy or side effect,” he warned.