Image Credit: Gulf News

Gulf News is the most widely circulated newspaper in the UAE, with the highest audited circulation of any English newspaper in the Middle East. The daily publication contains separate sections for News, Business, Sport, Entertainment (tabloid!) and Opinion (The Views).

Each Friday, over 85,000 subscribers also receive Friday magazine, the most circulated magazine in the country, according to BPA figures, and Weekend Review, a supplement focused on the region's most important cultural stories.

GulfNews.com is the newspaper's online site. While the newspaper and online site are similar, Gulf News operates a web-first system, with stories sent to the website as they are finished being written. Like the print publication, the web site also has its own team publishing unique content daily. It also has specific online sections that do not feature in the newspaper - The Guides, Leisure, Life and Style and Multimedia.

GulfNews.com is the most visited news website in the region with its own audited circulation. See stats below.

Gulf News is—in many ways—the flagship of GN Media, and both the newspaper, but more specifically the online site, are portals to access other GN Media properties. Classified supplements come bundled with the newspaper, while through Gulf News online you can listen to the group's radio stations, surf its classified sites, and access its magazine sites and content.

Note: Gulf News subscribers also get access to a unique loyalty programme, Good Living. Gulf News Good Living comes pre-loaded with offers around nine individual themes: Dining, Shopping, Adventure and Leisure, Home and Garden and more.

Subscribers also participate in Gift of the Week, GN Traveller and Event Invites.



Latest BPA Brand Report
Daily average circulation of the newspaper: 109,905
Monthly GulfNews.com uniques (mobile site and web site): 2.3 million
Social followers (up to June 2014): Facebook -335,987; Twitter - 114,995