Sasheh Aagha Image Credit: Yash Raj Films

Say hello to Sasheh Aagha. The daughter of Pakistani singer Salma Agha makes her debut in crime thriller ‘Aurangzeb’. After living her life in Dubai, the US and Mumbai, 21-year-old Aagha is all set to hear the verdict on her first film. tabloid! caught up with her over the phone from Mumbai. Excerpts from our chat...

Tell us about your Dubai connection?

We have a house in Dubai’s Arabian ranches. After I completed my 10th grade in America, I completed my education in Dubai American Scientific School. I lived there a few years before moving to Mumbai. Nowadays, when I want to take a break from life and be treated to the best in luxury, I head to Dubai.

Why did you change your name from Zara Agha Khan to Sasheh Aagha?

My mum believes in numerology and she felt that Sasheh would bring me luck. So I said OK. It’s always better to believe in mum.

Tell us more about your role in ‘Aurangzeb’ and how did you get the role?

I auditioned for Yash Raj Films when I was 18. They got back to me and said they are interested but wasn’t sure which project to place me. So when they offered me ‘Aurangzeb’, I felt blessed. My character is driven by power. She won’t take things lying down and she is caught up in an aggressive relationship with Arjun Kapoor’s character. They will rub each other the wrong way and be nasty towards one another. It’s not your usual debut. Plus, I also sing a club number in this film. It was my biggest dream to act and sing in a film.

When are you coming back to Dubai next?

I hope to be there in June and I can’t wait to see what my friends think of my first film.

Aurangzeb’ releases in the UAE on May 16