Magic mat: Nader Sabri, left, explaining benefits of the the Timez5 prayer mat to a customer Image Credit: AHMED RAMZAN/XPRESS

DUBAI: A Canadian company has come up with an Islamic prayer mat that claims to combine physiological benefits with spiritual devotion. Created after four years of extensive research, the Timez5 physiological prayer mat, billed as the world’s first, cradles and supports the various postures of the salah (Muslim prayer) using a technology employed by NASA, said Nader Sabri, CEO and founder of Timez5.

“It provides worshippers relief from years of incorrect positions, improves blood circulation and also boosts their energy levels. We got a former NASA scientist to work on its design, but we can’t name him because of competitive reasons. The physical prostrations of salah has many health benefits but they are beyond the reach of those suffering from stiff and aching joints caused by sedentary lifestyles and old age. Our mat addresses these challenges through a scientific innovation – the first in the 1400 year-old history of Islam.” He explained: “The mat uses five layers of highly-sophisticated material. It has got a micro-fibre top and a micro-grip base, but the real magic happens in the three layers in between. These layers absorb, bear and transfer a worshipper’s body weight, relieving pressure on the feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips and lower back whether standing, bending, kneeling or prostrating. Hundreds of people have benefited from our mat and we are getting orders from all over the world.”

The mat has an antimicrobial layer that fights off bacteria and fungi and an anti-slip base that ensures it doesn’t shift or slip even on hard surfaces.

““Basically, we have tried to pack it with as much goodness as possible. The prayer mat can be the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. A lot of Muslim devouts develop respiratory problems without ever realising its cause, so we added an anti-bacterial layering. The top layer is soft and temperature resistant to keep worshippers cool and focussed.

But cushiony top also means that devouts using this mat would never get zabiha (raisin in Arabic), a forehead mark caused by friction when the forehead comes in contact with a regular mat. Muslims believe the mark is a sign of piety and would shine on the day of judgement.

Sabri brushed aside these concerns. “Some people think that this prayer mat takes away from the simplicity of Islam. That’s not true. This is a revolutionary product that has made a positive impact on the lives of people. And that’s why we have a tagline that says: five layers, five benefits, five times a day”

Manufactured in South East Asia, the mat weighs 1.5 kg and comes in just one colour and pattern - ivory cream with an Islamic designs denoting infinity. It costs $270 (around Dh990) and has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Dubai is the company’s logistics base but the mat can be bought only online at www.timez5.com.


Do such innovations take away the essence of prayer?