Popular Lebanese singer and model, Haifa Wehbe, is to insure her body - It's not a new phenomenon for celebrities to want to insure their body parts.

Fred Astaire insured his legs, Keith Richards insured his fingers and it was once rumoured that Jennifer Lopez had insured her booty and Mariah Carey her legs for a billion dollars.

So not to be left behind, beautiful Lebanese singer, Haifa Wehbe, wants to insure her body. At present, she is looking into the offers with specialised companies to insure her body and reportedly the sum has already reached a billion dollars.

But Haifa is yet to make up her mind.


Haifa thought about insuring her body last June when she had an accident in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon, while shooting a video.

The gorgeous star's convertible car was hit by a Cessna plane, but luckily she came out unharmed. Since then, Haifa began thinking about future protection.

And she needs it. A few weeks back, Haifa's security guards caught a man wandering around her house. He was carrying a number of razors and a bottle of acid. The star said that she is leaving the matter in the hands of the law.

And last Monday, Haifa's lawyer represented her in a lawsuit against singer Roula Sa'ad.

New album

Meanwhile, her new album, entitled Sir Gharib (A Strange Secret), is ready to be released.

Last week, before flying to the US where she is to perform with artist Ragheb Alame, Haifa was interviewed for two hours by American channel ABC. The crew came especially to Lebanon to meet the singer. She is the first artist from the Arab world to be interviewed by ABC.

Diana's baby girl coming soon

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad is expecting a baby girl. Nine-months pregnant Haddad hasn't yet decided the name of the baby.

The singer also has an 11-year daughter, Sophie, who is excited to have a sister soon.

Haddad stopped public appearances during her pregnancy and continued working in the studio.

Haddad, who is just back from a holiday with her family in Italy, is now preparing two albums to be released soon.

Nancy's fitr song

The Egyptian ministry chose Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram to release a special song for the Eid Al Fitr. Now, Nancy is
preparing herself to shoot a video clip for her song Moushtaka Ilaik (I Miss You) with director Mirna Khayat.

Rumours say that the singer's manager, Gigi Lamara, came up with the idea for the video.

Nancy is also working on a new album that will be released next year. For this album she is cooperating for the first time with composer Hilmi Bakri who came back to the music scene after a five-year absence with two songs, composed especially for the Lebanese star.

Nasri's second Egyptian venture

The Lebanese artist, Maya Nasri, started shooting the Egyptian movie Al Khourouj an Al Kanoun (Out of Law) last week in which she stars with actor Karim Abdelaziz. The movie, written by Bilal Fadl and directed by Ahmad Nader Jalal, will be released in theatres during the Eid Al Adha holiday.

The action film tells the story of a young man called Adham who faces lots of difficulties to realise his dreams. This is Nasri's second Egyptian film. Her first film is Code 36, where she starred with actor Mustapha Chaaban.