It's not often that a hip-hop show in Dubai breaks sound barriers. But 50 Cent managed this and far more than that.

Performing in Dubai Media City, the multi-platinum selling rapper was joined on stage by G-Unit crew Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid and together they floored the packed amphitheatre on Friday evening. Dubai has not seen or heard a better hip-hop show.

The support

Supporting acts Desert Heat and the Desert Disciples warmed up the steady influx of crowds with their Arabic and Western fusions of hip-hop beats and rap lyrics.

Rapper Kaz Money, alongside Killa Kev and Moul Deniro, gave Dubai residents a taste of what to expect from his upcoming debut album, Timezup (produced by Q at Creative Kingdom studios), with songs such as Monsterball and Sleep When I'm Dead.

"We put on a good show," Kaz Money said after the performance. "We put our heart and soul into it. We were at a bit of a disadvantage because the sound system wasn't hooked up the right way. But it was great. It was a great learning experience," he said.

Anguished face

Giving the audience little time to regroup after the great warm up acts, 50 Cent's show started with a bang.

The stage backdrop was his anguished face — the cover of Curtis, his new album. The sounds of a helicopter and gun shots resonated throughout the arena and famous clips from Al Pacino in Scarface teased the crowd sporadically on the screens that laced the stage. Then he appeared and the audience roared — a roar that seemed to last for hours.

Starting off with his popular track I Get Money, 50 Cent performed hit after hit with tracks ranging from his recent single with Justin Timberlake, Ayo Technology, to old school songs such as In Da Club, Candy Shop, Just A Little Bit and P.I.M.P.

On fire

The show was what you'd expect, with lots of "yo yo's" and "put your hands (and cell phones) in the air".

The audience was also as you'd expect with youngsters dressed up to the tee wearing the signature hip-hop bandanas, caps and baggy pants hanging around their knees.

50 Cent, who hasn't always had the best concert reviews, was on fire and interacted with the crowds to the delight of his many fans.

But what was far beyond spectacular, and surprising to say the least, was the sound. The quality and power of the beats sent a heat wave through the audience, and even those who aren't the biggest fans of hip hop couldn't help but be impressed.

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This concert was the best so far in Dubai because of the good music but it was annoying that the audience was not allowed to carry cameras to the venue.
Salim Magogo
Abu Dhabi,UAE
Posted: December 23, 2007, 12:46

The concert was nice but the ending was a bit shocking. No one expected him to leave in such a manner. Everyone was left wondering whether he would come back or not. People waited for 15 minutes before they saw the instruments being removed. It was a little unprofessional and disappointing.
Raza rizvi
Posted: December 22, 2007, 14:34

Music was bumping, and 50 Cent was jumping. It was all good, except that 50 Cent did not take off his shirt. .
Posted: December 22, 2007, 13:29