Bonnie Parker was one half of the criminal duo 'Bonnie and Clyde'. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/FBI

From maintaining order to protecting our rights, the law is an important aspect of any civilisation. But no matter the consequences of violating it, some people still try to find a way around it.

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While the most notorious criminals in history have usually been men, like British serial killer Jack the Ripper, or American gangster Al Capone, women have had their share of notoriety, too.

Here, we shed light on a few who spread havoc from the 17th to the 20th century:

1. Belle Starr

Belle Starr
Belle Starr Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A US-based Texan from the 19th century, Starr was a quintessential outlaw. She associated with the notorious bank robber Jesse James, and lived the life of a bandit. Along with her Cherokee Indian husband Sam Starr, she used their ranch to house other outlaws and was known to prey on travellers and cowboys passing through. The couple was arrested for stealing horses in 1883, and served time in jail. Starr was eventually shot and killed on her ranch in 1889, by a person who still remains unidentified.

2. Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny
Anne Bonny Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As an Irish pirate, Bonny wreaked havoc in the Caribbean with pirate John “Calico Jack” Rackham in the 18th century. After years of hijacking and pillaging merchant vessels, Bonny was captured in 1720. However, she escaped execution because she was pregnant. When released, she decided to trade the high seas for an uneventful domestic life in South Carolina, US, where she spent the rest of her days.

3. Charlotte Corday

Charlotte Corday
"The Assassination of Marat", an 1860 painting by French artist Paul Baudry. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The daughter of French nobles, Corday became an assassin at age 25. During the French Revolution, her allegiance lay with Girondins (French republican politicians) and the French constitution. Her arch nemesis was Jean-Paul Marat, the leader of the French Revolution, and she swore to end his life. On July 13, 1793, Corday used deception to make her way into Marat’s rooms. She stabbed him to death in his bathtub, and consequently was arrested and sent to the guillotine four days later.

4. Ma Barker

Kate Barker was the matriarch of the Barker gang, which comprised her sons. Together, they successfully orchestrated a number of murders, robberies and kidnappings throughout the Midwest, in the US. It’s no wonder she rose to become the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Public Enemy Number One in the early 1930s. On January 16, 1935, Ma Barker and her son Fred became the targets of the longest shootout in FBI history, which occurred at their Florida hideout.

5. Bonnie Parker

Perhaps the most well-known woman criminal in the West, Parker was the other half of the duo known as ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ (pictured above). She partnered with Clyde Barrow in 1932 during the Great Depression in the US and went on a 21-month-long crime spree. The duo stole cars, robbed gas stations, restaurants and small banks across several states. They were finally caught and killed by police in Louisiana when a friend revealed their whereabouts.

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