This December 13, 1993 file photo shows Kurt Cobain of the Seattle band Nirvana performing in the US. Image Credit: AP

What went on behind the scenes of your favourite classic rock albums?

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Here are some surprising facts from the world of rock and roll:

1. Brian Jones, the musical genius

It’s difficult for most people to learn how to play a musical instrument, but it’s probably even harder to pick up different instruments and learn to play every single one of them – and be good at it. The Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones mastered over 10 instruments – the guitar, harmonica, piano, sitar, organ, trumpet, recorder, marimba, saxophone, oboe, percussions, xylophone… the list goes on. He even taught Mick Jagger how to play the harmonica!

2. The Doors and billboard ads

Jim Morrison’s charm and the band’s talent was perhaps not the only reason for their success. The Doors were the first group to use billboards as an advertising medium. They used it to promote their debut album, released in 1967. The founder of Elektra Records, Jac Holzman, is known to have said that it was “a calling card for the artist, but a very large calling card.”

3. The longest running fan club in rock history

Classic rock fans are fiercely loyal. But can they get any more devoted than the fans of Queen? Guinness World Records marked The Official International Queen Fan Club as the ‘longest-running rock group fan club’. It was founded in February 1974 when Queen released their debut album. The club organisers are serious about what they do – they issue quarterly magazines, sell merchandise and never miss setting up an annual convention. The practice continues even today.

4. Angelina Jolie’s uncle and the rock connection

The song Wild Thing was a huge hit for the band The Troggs – it topped the Billboard US 100 charts and peaked at number two in the UK. The song was written by Chip Taylor – the brother of Jon Voight, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s father. In the hit HBO TV show Game of Thrones, Jon Snow jokes and sings ‘Wildling’ instead of ‘Wild Thing’, a tongue-in-cheek rendition of the popular song.

5. Nirvana got kicked out of their release party

The band’s listening party was held at a restaurant in downtown Seattle, and organisers knew that the band – which was notorious for its pranks – would likely get into a little mischief. The night started out great with the group signing autographs, but at some point in the evening, they started a food fight – tamale and guacamole were flung across the room. The party descended into chaos. A watermelon filled with ranch dressing was the last straw for the establishment’s security – they quickly escorted the band out of the restaurant.

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