1kg watermelon

    100gm feta cheese

    75gm or a handful of baby spinach 

    2 tbsp pine nuts 

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. Cut the watermelon into bite-sized cubes and put them into a bowl.

2. Add the baby spinach and toss it gently. Some versions of this salad also use arugula leaves instead, so if this works better for your taste buds, you can definitely experiment as this is quite a versatile salad.

3. Crumble feta cheese on top. Do not toss the salad at this stage as the feta cheese can start breaking down and dissolving.

4. Roast the pine nuts on low flame for approximately 1 minute or until they turn aromatic and start getting a light brown hue. Switch the burner off and give the pine nuts a few seconds to cool down.

5. Garnish the pine nuts on top and your salad is ready to eat. 

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