For whipped cream

    200ml cream

    1 vanilla stick, seeds scraped out (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)

    1 tbsp sugar


    For muhalabia

    125ml cream

    56gm sugar

    185ml milk

    20gm rice flour

    3 tsp rose water

    1 tbsp whole pistachio, soaked in water for 45 minutes

    A pinch of cardamom

    A pinch of saffron

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Watch how to make this simple yet decadent dessert at home... Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News photographer

1. Whisk cream until it thickens. Add vanilla seeds and sugar.

2. Spread the mixture on any flat metal tray with 2cm thickness and place in the freezer until firm, about 3 hours. Take out of the freezer, cut into bite-sized pieces and return to the freezer until the muhalabia is ready to be served.

3. In a sauce pan boil the cream, sugar and half of milk. Add cardamom.

4. Whisk the flour, rose water and remaining milk and mix until smooth.

5. When the cream mix starts to boil, pour the flour mixture in and cook on low heat until the mixture becomes thick like custard cream – do not boil. The mixture is cooked when a thick film is left on a spoon dipped in.

6. Remove from heat and leave to cool for an hour.

7. Pour into glass jars when ready to serve. Add cubes of the frozen cream to individual jars.

8. Sprinkle some pistachio, saffron and cardamom powder over the muhalabia, then serve.

Location Courtesy: Palazzo Versace Dubai

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