1 scoop vanilla, chocolate or coffee flavored ice cream

    1 shot freshly brewed espresso or 1/3 cup strongly brewed coffee

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. Chill your dessert bowl or cup for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Scoop a generous amount of gelato or ice cream and place it into the bowl or cup. This is so that the ice cream doesn't start melting.

2. For the espresso, you can either use a ready to drink mix or buy from your local barista in case you do not have an espresso machine at home.

3. Pour the warm espresso over the gelato or ice cream in a thin and steady stream covering it with a layer of coffee. Make sure you take an even measure of gelato or ice cream and espresso because you do not want to overpower the flavour of one, when they should be balanced in taste.

4. Serve and enjoy your affogato, fresh, cold and warm... all at the same time!

Note: The trick to truly enjoy your affogato is to eat the gelato or ice cream with the espresso before it melts. You can also tweak the recipe to your liking.