Salmon portions

    30 gms of salmon loin

    5 gms of ikura (Japanese salmon roe)


    Sushi vinegar

    200 ml of rice vinegar (store bought)

    50 gms of salt

    300 gms of sugar

    0.5 piece of dashi kombu (dried seaweed)


    Sushi rice

    100 gms of sushi rice

    100 ml of water

    5 gms of ginger


    Miso Panca Sauce

    25 gms of Aji panca (Peruvian red pepper paste, store bought)

    50  gms of vegetable oil

    2 gms of garlic

    25 gms of white vinegar

    0.5 gms of oregano

    0.5 gms of cumin powder

    0.5 gms of black pepper

    1 gm of salt

    50 gms of miso paste (store bought)


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Ingredient Substitution Guide


For the sushi vinegar:

Cook all the ingredients together over a low flame for 10 minutes, so you don’t let the mixture boil. Then add the kombu (dried seaweed) and store it in an air-tight container overnight.

For the sushi rice:

Wash the rice in running water for at least 5 minutes. Cook in a rice pot with water and ginger.

For the miso panca sauce:

Mix everything in a blender without oil then add oil very slowly.

Take 10 grams of sushi rice and place properly cut salmon on top. Brush the salmon with miso panca sauce and torch. Finish with Ikura on top.

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