Prep 15 m
Cook 30m


    200 gms egg noodles (store bought)

    250 gms chicken, boneless and cut into 1½ inches sized cubes

    1 kg prawns, medium sized, deshelled and deveined (i used fresh prawns)

    5 pods garlic, peeled and chopped into fine pieces

    3 green chillies, chopped into fine pieces

    2 medium sized carrots, peeled and sliced longitudinally into 4 pieces, then halved

    1 Ridge gourd, skin peeled and cut into longitudinal 2 inch thick slices 

    1 sprig fresh spring onions, the onion bulbs chopped into fine pieces

    1 Bokchoy, leaves removed from the base and kept intact

    A pinch of sugar

    2 tsp white vinegar

    1 tsp soya sauce

    3 tbsp cornflour

    2 tbsp white oil

    Salt as per requirement

    For the condiment

    2 green chillies, chopped into fine pieces

    2 tbsp soya sauce

    ½ tbsp white oil

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


Boil the noodles as per instructions. Drain the water and strain the noodles under cold water. Keep aside.

Boil the chicken cubes and keep aside along with the stock. Once cooled, pull the chicken cubes into thick shreds.

Boil the prawns in little water. Keep aside along with the stock.

Add 2 tbsp oil in a heated pan and once the oil heats up, gently stir fry the noodles for a while.

Add 1 tbsp oil in a heated wok. Once the oil heats up, add the chopped green chillies, garlic and bulbs of the spring onions. Stir briefly and as soon as the aroma starts releasing, add the carrots. Let it cook. Add the ridge gourd, cover with a lid and let it all cook for 2 minutes over a low flame.

Add the chicken and prawns with their respective stocks. Add water if required to make 1litret of combined stock. Add the noodles, soya sauce, vinegar, sugar and salt. Cook over a medium flame for 5 minutes.

Make a fine paste with cornflour and water. Add this to the above for thickening the gravy.

Add the Bokchoy, cover with a lid and let it simmer for one minute. Take the wok off the flame.

Garnish with freshly chopped green stalks of the spring onion.

Sprinkle the condiment (optional) and serve hot.

For the condiment

Pour the soya sauce in a small bowl.

Heat the oil in a small ‘tempering’ wok. Add the green chillies and as soon as they start spluttering, take off the flame and pour into the bowl.

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