For mango jelly:

    500gm mango puree

    75gm sugar

    20ml water

    18gm gelatine sheet

    For the mousse:

    29gm gelatine sheet, soaked in cold water till dissolved

    500gm mango puree

    175gm white sugar

    9 eggs, separated

    200gm fresh cream, whipped

    100gm white sponge cake (ready made)


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For the jelly: Mix mango puree sugar and water and bring it to a boil. Remove from heat and mix with gelatine. Pour mixture on a flat tray and refrigerate till set. When the jelly is set, cut into round shapes.

To prepare the mousse:

1. Boil mango puree, then mix with egg yolk. Add dissolved gelatine, mixing it well and then mix in cream. Beat egg white with sugar till stiff. Fold in the mango mixture.

2. Slice sponge cake into four slices to fit four ramekins.

3. Pipe small amount of mousse over each slice.

4. Top each with a slice of mango jelly in the middle.

5. Then fill up the ring with the mousse. Refrigerate until it sets.

Recipe courtesy: Chef Thomas Gomes, Pastry Chef and Chef Sudath Rodrigo, Demi Chef de Partie, Pastry, Radisson Hotel

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