Prep 25 m
Cook 15m


    For the mustard sauce:

    50 ml Kasundi mustard sauce              

    4 cloves garlic                                                    

    2 fresh green chilies (Bird’s Eye chilies will do wonders)

    ½ tbsp ml lemon juice

    2 Kafir Lime leaves

    1 tbsp Mustard oil (first press)


    For the fish curry:

    1 pinch Kalonji or black onion seeds

    1 tbsp mustard oil

    1 (50gms) sliced red onion

    1 fresh green chili, slit

    ½ tsp turmeric powder

    Salt (to taste)

    100 ml fish stock


    For the fish:

    1 fillet (160 gms) Sea Bass (Any fresh water white fish works)

    ½ tsp turmeric powder

    ½ tsp red chili powder

    Salt (to taste)

    5 ml lemon juice

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


For the mustard sauce:

Soak the garlic, green chilies and lime leaf in Kasundi and grind to a fine paste.

In case Kasundi is not available, soak yellow mustard seeds (50 grams) with vinegar (30 ml) and garlic, green chilies along with 20 grams of raw mango - grind to fine paste. Then add the lime leaves and grind again. Set aside.

For the fish curry:

Heat the mustard oil in a pan, till it reaches smoking point. Cool it, add kalonji seeds to crackle, slit green chilies, and the sliced onion.

Once the onions are transparent, add the paste from the previous step and the turmeric powder. Season with salt.

Stir for 5 minutes and add the fish stock.

Keep aside.

For the fish:

Marinate the deboned fish fillet with the dried spice powders and lemon juice.

Pan fry the fish with skin side down first, approximately for 3 minutes on each side.

Keep aside for assembly later.

Final assembly:

Arrange the fish on a warm flat plate.

Pour the sauce on it.

Could be served with a side of green salad or a portion of stir fried vegetables, like chorchori.

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