4 to 6 large shrimps

    5 ½ tbsp lemon juice

    1 tbsp minced garlic

    3 ½ tbsp butter

    1 tbsp coriander leaves

    1 tsp salt

    ½ tsp chilli powder

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1. Devein and clean the shrimps, and season them with salt and oil.

2. Grill the shrimps on medium heat. This should take around 4 to 5 minutes. Make sure to not overcook the shrimps, so they retain their juiciness.

3. To make the sauce, add butter to a pan with lemon juice, coriander, chilli powder and minced garlic, mix well over a low flame.

4. Then add the grilled shrimps to the sauce and sauté for a minute. Plate them and they are ready to be served.

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