Prep 10 m
Cook 30m


    500ml milk

    400ml honey

    135gm egg yolk

    35gm gelatine leaves

    500gm fresh cream (whipped)

    200ml raspberry puree

    200ml mango puree

    150ml sugar syrup

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1. To make the mousse: Boil milk and honey. Once it is boiling add yolk and mix, and immediately put on an ice bed.

2. Pre-soak the gelatine leaves in cold water and start adding into the warm mixture.

3. Add the whipped cream and transfer into desired mould. Place in refrigerator.

4. Once it is set take it out, demould and serve it on a plate with sauce and garnish as desired.

5. To make the raspberry sauce: Boil together raspberry puree and half of sugar syrup and reduce.

6. To make the mango sauce: Boil together mango puree and half of sugar syrup and reduce.

Recipe courtesy: A. Gunarathna, Pastry Chef, Dhow Palace Hotel