Prep 24 h
Cook 10m


    800 gms milk (full cream)

    100 gms whipped cream

    54 gms milk powder

    44 gms caster sugar

    3 gms sea salt

    160 gms pistachio paste (made with equal portions of toasted pistachios, sugar, and water, which are then blended together in a food processor until smooth)

    30 gms corn syrup

    2 to 3 gms pistachio, sliced for garnish

    5 gms extra virgin olive oil, for garnish


    You will also need:

    An ice cream machine

    A large pot

    A wooden spoon or whisk

    Food thermometer

    Mortar or Bowl (keep in the freezer for a few minutes to use before serving the ice cream)

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. Heat  the full cream milk and whipped cream at 55C.

2. Next, add in the milk powder, caster sugar, salt, and corn syrup; mix these ingredients on an increased temperature of 85C.

3. Then, remove the mix off the flame and slowly mix in the pistachio paste until smooth.

4. Allow for the mixture to cool for 24 hours in the chiller. Once completely cooled, add the mixture into your ice cream machine and mix until it reaches a creamy texture; store in the freezer.

To plate:

1. Using a pre-frozen mortar or bowl of your choice, scoop a generous amount of ice cream, creating a mount like shape.

2. Garnish with a drizzle of the olive oil and top with sliced pistachio. Serve and enjoy!

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