Prep 20 m
Cook 40m


    For the kebab

    1 handful cashews

    200gm minced lamb

    1 tsp ground cardamom

    1 pinch ground mace

    2 tsp ground garam masala

    1 pinch ground cloves

    1 pinch saffron

    2 tbsp raw papaya paste (or pineapple juice)

    2 tbsp onion paste

    4 tsp ginger garlic paste

    4 tsp gram flour

    2 tsp ghee

    For the ghee roast boti

    3tbsp (50ml) ghee

    4 tsp ginger garlic paste

    2 tsp onion paste

    2 tsp ground chilli

    2 tsp ground coriander

    100gm boneless lamb, in chunks

    3 tbsp (50ml) lamb stock

    1 tsp ground garam masala

    ½ lemon, juice of

    Coriander and sliced onions, to serve

    4 buns

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. To prepare the kebab, lightly fry the cashews then blitz with a little water until smooth.

2. In a bowl, mix the lamb with the spices, cashew paste, papaya paste, onion paste, ginger garlic paste, flour and mix well with your hands.

3. Shape the mixture into eight patties, heat the ghee and fry the patties over low flame.

4. To make the ghee roast boti, heat the ghee in a pan, add the ginger garlic paste and onion paste, chilli and coriander and cook until the oil separates.

5. Add the lamb, stir to coat then add the stock. Cook over low flame until done. Season and finish with garam masala, coriander and lemon juice.

6. Assemble in the bun, using boti, kebab, onions and coriander.

Tip: Leg of lamb is the best for the boti, as other cuts have connective tissue that need hours of cooking before they are edible.