Prep 20 m
Cook 1h


    1 chicken or 1 kilo lamb meat

    2 carrots

    4 onions

    4 tomatoes

    3 cups rice (basmati)

    2-3 tbsp ghee or butter

    ¼ cup pine nuts

    ¼ cup almonds

    ¼ cup raisins

    5 pieces cinnamon

    5 cardamoms

    5 black peppers

    3 cups water

    Salt and pepper

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1. Boil the chicken or the lamb. Chop horizontally the onions, carrots, tomatoes.

2. Fry the nuts and raisins with ghee. Fry onion, carrots, tomatoes and meat. Add spices and water for gravy. Boil for ½ an hour. Add rice and keep for ½ an hour.

3. Turn the rice on to a large dish and decorate with nuts and the raisins. Serve with some salad or yoghurt.

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