Prep 4 h
Cook 40m


    1 kg Lamb rump  (This cut is lean, tender and full of flavour. Slice it into small cubes.)
    10 gms  ground coriander seeds
    10 gms  ground cumin seeds
    10 gms  ground fennel seeds
    15 gms  lemon grass (finely chopped)
    15 gms  salt
    190 gms brown sugar
    180 ml water

    Peanut sauce
    400 gms skinless peanuts
    150 gms shallot
    18 gms dried red chilli
    40 gms galangal
    75 gms lemon grass
    40 gms garlic
    225 gms tamarind pulp (store-bought)
    200 ml coconut milk
    250 gms fine sugar
    15 gms salt

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. Toast ground coriander, cumin and fennel seeds until fragrant and set aside.

2. In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and leave the lamb to marinate for at least 4 hours.

3. Skewer the lamb pieces and set them aside.

For peanut sauce

1. Toast the peanuts until golden brown. Leave to cool.

2. Once peanuts are cooled, roughly blend the peanuts to a chunky consistency. Set aside.

3. Blend shallots, dried red chilli, galangal, lemongrass and garlic into a paste.

4. Heat oil in a saucepan and fry the paste until it becomes fragrant.

5. Combine the tamarind pulp, coconut milk, sugar, salt and chunky peanut in the same saucepan. Cook over medium flame for 10 minutes and set aside until ready to serve.

To Serve:

1. Grill the lamb skewers over charcoal until cooked and evenly charred.

2. Serve hot with warm peanut sauce.

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