Prep 01 h
Cook 20m



    30 gms brown sugar

    15 gms corn syrup

    20 gms minced garlic

    50 gms soy sauce

    Pepper (to taste - from a pinch to 1 tsp)

    20 gms sesame seed oil

    Other ingredients:

    500 gms sliced beef, rib-eye or sirloin

    150 to 200 gms onion

    50 gms mushroom

    80 gms spring onion

    1 tsp sesame seeds

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1. Thinly slice the beef into bite sized pieces and place them in a large bowl.

2. Add brown sugar first to the beef and mix it thoroughly to let the sweetness get to the beef as the sugar particles are larger than the other ingredients. Then add the corn syrup and minced garlic to the beef and mix.

3. Marinate for 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Slice mushroom very thinly, into pieces of approximately 0.5 cm thickness.

5. Chop up the green onions and finely slice the onion into long pieces, again of around 0.5 cm thickness.

6. Add the rich soy sauce to the marinated beef and mix gently so as to not to tear the meat. Now, if you are looking to store it in the fridge for cooking the next day, add only the green onion and keep it.

7. If cooking on the same day, add onion, green onion and mushroom, along with the black pepper and sesame oil and mix.

8. Pre-heat the pan on high heat and add the beef bulgogi. Stir gently with tongs or chopsticks to separate the meat, and cook on medium heat for around 20 minutes.

9. Once completely cooked, arrange the beef bulgogi on a plate and garnish by sprinkling some sesame seeds for a steaming, savoury and juicy beef dish.

This article was first published in October, 2021.