Prep 10 m
Cook 30m


    200 gms beetroot shaved very thin

    2 tbsp crumbled dehydrated feta

    Olive oil and lemon juice to soak beetroot

    To garnish: Pickled basil flowers, a paste of caramelised garlic roasted in honey, blood orange marmalade, pinch cinnamon salt, plus lemon juice and olive oil


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Shaved beetroot kebabs, dry aged feta, basil flower and blood orange marmalade Stefan Lindeque/Gulf News

1. Peel and slice beetroot very thin, marinate in olive oil and lemon juice with seasoning, and set aside for 15 minutes.

2. Carefully fold and thread beetroot on to skewers.

3. Cook over fire or coals (you can also use the grill element in your home oven).

4. Cook very quickly on high heat.

5. Remove, garnish, and enjoy.

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