Prep 15 m
Cook 8h
4 to 5


    1 kg beef/mutton/chicken cut into 4 to 6 large pieces

    1 to ½ kg knuckle or marrow bones 

    250 gms ghee or clarified butter or oil 

    100 to 150 gms wheat flour or ferina

    1 onion, thinly sliced 

    ½ tsp garlic paste 

    Nihari spice mix, can be store-bought 

    2 tbsp salt


    Ginger julienned

    Lime juice to taste

    Chopped green chillies

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1. In a large pot, heat 150 gms of ghee or clarified butter, add garlic, stir and add the meat, bones and nihari spice mix. Cook them for a few minutes and then add 10 glasses of water.

2. Cover and cook on a very low heat until the meat is tender/ (For beef 6 to 8 hours and for mutton 4 to 6 hours).

3. Mix the flour with 3 cups of water and add this gradually to the meat juices, constantly stirring to mix well. Remove the bones and cook on high heat for 15 minutes.

4. Heat the remaining ghee and cook the sliced onions until golden brown.

5. Add the onions to the Nihari, cover and simmer for 30 minutes on low heat.

Nihari is ready. Garnish it with freshly chopped green chillies, ginger and lime juice, along with hot naan breads.

Recipe courtesy: B&B Cafe and Restaurant, Oud Metha, Dubai

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