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Richa Chadha Image Credit: IANS

Actress Richa Chadha is set to play a lawyer in the upcoming courtroom drama ‘Section 375’. As part of preparation for her role, she met law professors from law colleges here.

This will be the first time that Chadha will be donning the black robe of a lawyer in a film.

Earlier, she visited law firms to read books on law and to understand the nuances of the judicial procedure in preperation for her role.

Chadha has now gone one step ahead. She has started meeting law professors from law colleges in Mumbai.

The film ‘Section 375’ deals with some real-life incidents and how a critical section in law to protect women can also be misused.

“My character is that of a very driven and ethical lawyer. Hence, I wanted to see what drives people to take up litigation in the first place. That’s why law schools were a good idea and spending time with them was of great help. The research came in handy and has been crucial,” Chadha said in a statement.

The film is to be directed by Ajay Bahl and will also star Akshaye Khanna.