Abu Dhabi: Prices of Eid cookies, or 'Kahk Al Eid', continue to rise every year by Dh5 to Dh10 compared with last year's prices, several bakeries have confirmed.

Eid cookies made with nuts, cashew and almonds now cost Dh50 and Dh40 per kilogramme for those stuffed with dates. Last year the prices for Eid cookies were Dh45 and Dh30 per kg. The year before, cookies were Dh40 and Dh25 per kg - an evident increase from Dh5 to Dh10.

Bakeries blame the rise on the increase in the cost of the ingredients involved; namely dates, cashew, almonds, flour and milk.

"We go through a tough time before Eid to find the ingredients to make those cookies. Flour for one is tough to obtain before Eid. We get them from Mina Port, and if and when they are available we have to wait for our turn in long queues. It's pretty frustrating and tiring," said an owner of a bakery in Electra Street.

When Gulf News contacted flour suppliers to gather more information regarding supply and demand, they were too busy to answer.

"The exact price varies according to the quantity and brand name of the flour. Individuals can pay from Dh5 up to Dh50 and bakeries up to Dh5,000. I can't really speak right now, I am extremely busy," said the supplier.

A Syrian bakery owner, F.A. admitted that his prices are higher this year due to higher costs of living. "I used to buy 25 kg of milk powder for Dh95, now it costs Dh595!" he said.